Business Literacy

Duration: 12 weeks (Saturday afternoon or Mon & Wed evening classes)

This Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) “Business Literacy” module, presented at Unigrad College, is part of the National Certificate in Bookkeeping (NQF Level 3) as well as the National Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting (NQF Level 5).  It covers areas of business communication, business numeracy and work readiness.

Module outline

  • The key principles of effective business communication
    • Communication process and categories of communication
    • Formal and informal communication
    • Verbal and non-verbal communication
    • Listening skills and barriers to effective communication
  • Spoken communication
    • The role of voice and language in spoken communication
    • Techniques to improve the voice
    • Planning and preparation in spoken communication
    • Direct & indirect spoken communication and types of spoken communication
  • Written communication
    • Effective written communication and the role of words and grammar
    • Using correct English
    • Capturing your audience’s attention with effective headings.
    • Layout and graphic material
    • Extracting and summarizing key information
    • Editing written material
    • Persuasive writing
    • Written communication used in business
  • Work readiness
  • Working with numbers
    • Fractions and decimal numbers
    • Percentages, rations and equations
  • Using interest rates in business
  • Measure, analyse and communicate workplace data