Business Law and Accounting Control

Duration: 12 weeks (Saturday morning or Mon & Wed evening classes)

This Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) “Business Law” module, presented at Unigrad College, is part of National Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting (NQF Level 5).  Tis module will introduce you to basic contract law, insolvency law, estate planning, internal auditing and control, fundamental techniques in finance, as well as computer auditing.

Module outline

  • The unspoken laws of business
    • Micro & macro economics, the five main participants in the economy and demand & supply
    • Movements in the demand and supply curve
    • The effects of inflation on the economy
  • The written laws of business
    • SA legal system, basic contact law and types of contracts
    • Important laws and acts
  • Managing your personal finances
    • Investments decisions, planning for retirement, general investment vehicles
    • Life & disability cover, short-term insurance and managing debt
  • Accounting system – internal control concepts and principles of auditing
  • Managing accounting systems
    • Revenue & receipt cycles, acquisition & payments cycle, payroll & personnel cycle, fixed asset cycle and bank & cash cycle
  • Accounting systems – stock control
    • Accounting for inventory, physical inventory count, security and audit procedure for inventory control
  • Accounting systems – analytical review
    • Audit: analytical review procedure
    • Investigating unusual fluctuations and relationships
  • Liquidation and executors’ accounts