Sales Management

(Endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Business Management - CIBM)

Duration: Monday or Wednesday evenings (17:30 – 19:30) over a period of 15 weeks, or Saturday mornings (08:30 – 12:30) over a period of 15 weeks (every alternate Saturday)

About this programme
Sales Management is concerned with the role of selling, sales management and customer relationships in the context of business marketing. Selling is the vital process which generates profits for a business, so efficient and effective selling is thus key to the overall success of a business. The sales person and sales manager are the critical link between a business and its customers and therefore play a central role in business success.

This course prepares the aspiring sales person to understand the role of selling in a business, the requirements to be an effective sales person as well as the process of conducting personal selling and sales management.

Programme outline
The following topics will be covered in the programme:

  • Nature and extent of personal selling
    • The importance of personal selling in marketing
    • Tasks and functions of personal selling
    • Job analysis, job description and job specification
    • Personality traits of a successful salesperson
  • Sales forecasting
    • Demand estimation and potential
    • Factors influencing sales volumes
    • Methods of sales forecasting
    • Selection of forecasting methods
  • Sales territories
    • Benefits of establishing territories
    • The design of sales territories
  • Sales quotas and targets
    • Types of quotas and quota setting procedures
    • Administering the quota system
  • Types of selling
    • Business to business selling
    • Telesales
  • The selling process
    • Prospecting for customers
    • Planning the sales presentation
    • Approaching the sales presentation
    • Conducting a sales presentation
    • Handling objections
    • Closing the sale
    • Conducting follow ups and delivering after sales service