Procurement and Supply Chain Management

(Endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Business Management - CIBM)

Duration: Saturdays for a period of 12 weeks

About this programme
Procurement and supply chain management involves the purchasing, storage and control of inventory such as,  control of machinery, equipment, goods, raw material and other resources required by an organisation in the provision of its products and services.  The procurement and supply manager plays a pivotal role in tracking consumer and buyer behaviour and negotiating and bargaining with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that goods are readily available.  This Short Learning Programme (SLP) in Procurement and Supply Chain Management will broaden your knowledge and skills in this field of study.

Programme outline
The following topics will be covered in the programme:

  • Define purchasing management
    • Purchasing function in perspective and the task of purchasing and supply management
  • Understand how to manage the supply base:
    • Strategic sourcing, selection and performance evaluation of suppliers
    • Supply policies, strategies and supplier relationship management
    • Ethical aspects, corporate governance and social responsibility in purchasing and supply management
  • Study the key performance areas of purchasing and supply
    • Quality management
    • Cost analysis and price determination
    • Inventory management and materials flow activities
    • Risk management in purchasing and supply
  • Consider the instruments in managing purchasing and supply
    • Characteristics of negotiation
    • Research techniques
    • Electronic information and communication systems in purchasing and supply
    • Managing purchasing and supply contracts
  • Study the areas of application in purchasing and supply
    • International and global trends in purchasing and supply
    • Purchasing capital equipment
    • Purchasing from small businesses and the purchasing of services