Pastel Accounting

(Partner Intermediate)

Duration: Saturday mornings (08:30 – 12:30) for a period of 8 weeks, or Monday and Wednesday evenings (17:30 – 19:30) for a period of 8 weeks, or 1 Week full-time (09:00 – 16:00)

About this programme
Do you know about accounting but do not know how to use the Pastel accounting software package? Pastel Partner Intermediate will teach you this valuable skill.  This programme will enhance your skills and productivity in any accounting environment. More than ever before, employers require accounting staff to be Pastel qualified. 

This Pastel programme is aligned to the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) as follows:

Unit Standard ID # NQF Level Credit Value
243944 4 4
114736 4 5
12991 5 6
12992 5 8
12989 5 8

Programme outline
The following topics will be covered in the programme:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic accounting principles
    • Explain the cycle of recording transactions
    • Explain and demonstrate an understanding of source documents
    • Explain the purpose of each subsidiary journal
    • Prepare subsidiary journals
    • Post subsidiary journals to the general ledger and prepare final statements
  • Fundamentals of Pastel Accounting
    • Create a new company, debtors’ and creditors
  • Prepare Ledger Balances and an initial Trial Balance
    • Balance bank transactions
    • Prepare ledger balances and control accounts
    • Draft an initial trial balance
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the business and accounting environment
  • Record business financial transactions
    • Process receipts and payments
    • Enter records in an analysed cash book for both cash and bank entries
    • Check invoices received against orders and produce quotations and invoices
    • Record purchase orders, debtors and creditors
    • Reconcile suppliers’ statements
    • Prepare bank reconciliation statements