Management Communication

(Endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Business Management - CIBM)

Duration: Monday or Wednesday evenings (17:30 – 19:30) over a period of 15 weeks, or Saturday mornings (08:30 – 12:30) over a period of 15 weeks (every alternate Saturday)

About this programme
Communication is a critical element of business.  It is what facilitates interaction between colleagues, between management and staff and between the business and the public and yet research has shown that the majority of problems which occur in the workplace are a direct result of ineffective communication.

This course aims to improve the communication skills of everyone, no matter what role they play within the organisation, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the entire organisation.

Programme outline

  • Basic communication principles
  • Interpersonal relationships and social interaction
  • Interviewing
  • The mass media and advertising
  • Meeting procedures
  • Effective business language usage
  • Concise communication
  • Correspondence in the advertising world
  • Business letters
  • Report writing
  • Critical evaluation and editing
  • Oral communication