Human Resource Management

(Endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Business Management - CIBM)

Duration: Saturday mornings for a period of 15 weeks.

About this programme
Human Resource Management (HRM, or simply HR) is the management of an organisation's workforce. This area of management is responsible for the recruitment, selection, training, assessment, and rewarding of employees, while also overseeing organisational leadership and culture and ensuring compliance with employment and labour laws. This Short Learning Programme (SLP) in Human Resource Management will broaden your knowledge and skills in this field of study. 

Programme outline
The following topics will be covered in the programme:

  • Defining human resource management
  • Human resource functions
  • Human resources in South Africa
    • Employment law and the impact on employee relationships
    • Impact of technology on HRM
  • International perspective on HRM
  • Jobs and human resource planning
    • Job design and job analysis
    • Job description and job specification
    • Human resource planning process
  • Recruitment, selection and induction (employee orientation)
  • Training, education and employee development
  • Performance management and performance appraisals
  • Employee motivation
  • Organisational support
  • Compensation, rewards, benefits and the cost of employees
  • The legislative framework governing health and safety at work
  • Health in the workplace
  • Employment relations
  • South African labour law fundamentals and an introduction to the:
    • Employment Equity Act
    • Basic Conditions of Employment Act
    • Labour relations act

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