Computer Skills: Intermediate Level

(MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Concepts of Email & Internet)

Duration: Saturday mornings (08:30 - 12:30) for a period of 12 weeks, Saturday afternoon (13:00 - 16:00) for a period of 16 weeks or Monday and Wednesday evenings (17:30 - 19:30) for a period of 12 weeks

About this programme
This is a comprehensive course that will teach you all the essential skills you need to advance your career and become a truly proficient user of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and Internet Explorer.

Programme outline

  • Word Processing (Microsoft Word)
    • Use a word processing application on a personal computer.
    • Basic operations associated with creating, formatting and finishing a word processing document ready for distribution.
    • Advanced features associated with word processing applications such as creating standard tables, using pictures and images within a document, importing objects and using mail merge tools.
  • Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)
    • Use a spreadsheet application on a personal computer.
    • Basic operations associated with developing, formatting and using a spreadsheet.
    • Standard mathematical and logical operations using basic formulas and functions.
    • Advanced features of a spreadsheet application such as importing objects, and creating graphs and charts.
  • Information and Communication (Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer)
    • Covers basic Web search tasks using a Web browser application and available search engine tools, such as bookmarking search results and printing Web pages and search reports.
    • Also covers using electronic mail software to send and receive messages.
    • Attaching documents or files to a message and organising and managing messaging folders or directories within electronic mail software.
  • Presentation Development (Microsoft PowerPoint)
    • Use presentation tools on a personal computer and perform basic tasks such as creating, formatting and preparing presentations for distribution and display.
    • Create a variety of presentations for different target audiences or situations.
    • Accomplish basic operations with graphics and charts and use various slide show effects.
  • Basic Concepts of Information Technology
    • The physical make-up of a personal computer
    • Understanding some of the basic concepts of Information Technology (IT) such as data storage and memory, the context for computer-based software applications in society, and the uses of information networks within computing.
    • How IT systems are found in everyday situations and how personal computers can affect health.
    • Some of the security and legal issues associated with computers.