Marketing and Sales Management

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About this programme
Marketing is possibly a business’s most important activity. It is the one activity that most directly affects the amount of recognition and sales that a company gets and this determines the level of profitability. Basically, if you’re marketing your business well, it will make profits and if you’re not…you could be in trouble. Even the most brilliant products and services won’t survive without marketing efforts. A business could never survive if people were not (made) aware of its existence.

Programme outline
The following topics will be covered in the programme:

  • Marketing fundamentals
    • History & definition of marketing
    • Micro & macro marketing and the marketing concept
    • Marketing mix and the exchange concept
    • Marketing process
  • The marketing environment
    • Conducting a situation analysis
    • Business environment
    • Business analysis models
  • Consumer behaviour and market research
    • The importance of understanding consumer behaviour
    • Factors influencing consumer buying decisions
    • The consumer decision making process
    • Types of consumer buying decisions
    • The adoption process and adopter groups
  • Marketing research – information for decision making
    • The need for marketing research
    • The marketing research process
  • Market segmentation and target marketing
    • The process of market segmentation
    • Bases for segmenting consumer markets
    • Strategies for selecting target markets
    • Market positioning
  • Marketing mix and the promotion element of the marketing mix
    • Product design elements, pricing & distribution of products
    • Advertising, publicity and public relations
    • Direct marketing, sales promotions and personal selling
  • Strategic marketing plan
    • Formulating the marketing strategy
    • Implementation, evaluation and control of the marketing process
  • Marketing in the future
    • Digital and social media marketing

Viral marketing and marketing trends into the future